@niallhoran: Havin a great day ! C’mon Ireland! This is a crackin game!

#i just want you to know that i will fly in to a rage when people don’t acknowledge how fucking tidy #and domestic #and capable #and together niall is #LOOK AT HIS FUCKING CONDO #he has purely decorative accessories #like maybe he went to a store and though ‘oh those vases look good i could put fake plants in them to brighten the flat up’ #and then he bought them #and then he sorted all his shit the what he liked it #because he is always arranging things #and he’s so careful with his possessions #until he’s got everything set up nicely #how he wants to live himself and how it works to have people over and just #niall! #taking! #care! #of! #his! #space! #NEVER FORGET (via onedisarmed)

Where We Are Concert Film Official Poster


Where We Are Concert Film Official Poster

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Anonymous said: Do you have a fave?


yes. it’s harry. favourite what, you ask? doesn’t matter, it’s harry. favourite ice-cream flavor? harry. favourite song? harry. favourite color? harry. favourite book? harry. favourite movie? harry. favourite member of one direction? harry. favourite member of the world? harry. 


reading smut and you just kind of 


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Best reactions to Liam’s IG picture so far

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Harry on stage in Buenos Aires, May 3

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